Angels Tarot: Discover what the angelic cards tell you

Surely you’ve ever heard about the guardian angel or felt his presence, that energy that protects you just when you feel that everything was lost and that appears at the right time.

If it happened to you it is likely that you can invoke the angels, these beings feel the call of someone who needs them.

The tarot of the angels is formed by a series of angels that vary according to the months of the year and specific dates in each one. These heavenly beings, radiate positive energy have many qualities, are messengers, serve as intermediaries between beings of greater power (God, for example), are spiritual guides and protectors, and are free from evil.

Angels occupy an important role in various religions, as well as in legends. Angelic Cards have the particularity of granting optimistic readings and an atmosphere of serenity and joy. Its approach is mainly aimed at those aspects that give a positive contribution to the life of the consultant.

It’s also a help in difficult times, it will give you clues and guide, in a reading you’ll discover what your guardian angel is and entrust yourself to him from now on.

Beginnings and history of the Tarot of the angels

The exact origin of the angelic tarot or its creator is unknown, however each angel that makes up the tarot has its own story, and within the deck it plays a role and has a meaning. What has been done with this type of tarot has been an illustrative compilation of a group of them, adapting them to the structure of traditional cards, from the good ones to those that were not so, since they are important for card readings.

Angels Tarot

Angels have their origin in Christianity, created by Jesus through God, shaping each one, along with a specific mission. Not all the angels managed to fulfill the same one assigned to them; however, they are as necessary as the others for this purpose.

These beings have powers that humans don’t, the fact of being spiritually connected with God and being inhabitants of heaven itself is a lot to say, in addition to illuminating the path of the people who request them when they need help, that is why they fit perfectly and are so necessary in tarot card readings.

How does it work?

You don’t have to have a previous preparation, or think hard to read the angelic cards, you just have to remain silent, calm and concentrate to listen to the manifestations of the angels, they will do all the work, you’ll only have to interpret them and pay attention to what they show.

There are cards like Archangel Gabriel, who can advise you about the past, the Angel of Disease in the present and the Arcane Cronos for the future. Like these, many more that can show you the way according to what you’re looking for, each one denotes something different.

Celestial Areas

The tarot of the angels is divided into celestial areas, these are the Kingdom of Health, which deals with everyday life, the Kingdom of Creation, where humans interact and perform their actions and, finally, the Kingdom of Heaven, where Humans and divine forces come together.

angelic cards of tarot

Each of them represents a group of angels, among them are the angels of love and protection, guardian angels, angels of tenderness, seraphim, cherubim and the thrones. The first angel will usually show you moments from the past that have had current repercussions, the second will answer your present doubts and the third will show part of the future you could achieve by solving your current problems.

Through reading the cards of the angels you can not only find a way and clarify your concerns, but you will meet your spiritual guides to whom you can go in the future so you can rely on them again.

Tips for carrying out a card reading

  • Know your cards: If you have acquired the letters and don’t know them, observe them one by one the first time, make sure you know them and so you can achieve a better interaction with the angels during the reading.
  • Create an environment: You can scent the place with essences or light some candles, so that you acquire a mystical air and commit to the goal you want to reach.
  • Connect: Touch your cards, mix them and touch them again, connect with them to get closer to the angels.

How is it composed?

Mostly the deck of angels is sold along with an explanatory book about the possible moves, what is it for, among other things, readings that will help to get into context with the cards.

Tarot of the angels

The angelic tarot has a total of 78 illustrated cards with various angels, which are classified as: thrones, cherubs, seraphim, virtues and powers, dominations, messengers, archangels, among others. Each of them has a purpose and meaning.

Meaning of the cards

  • Seraphim, cherubs and thrones: Seraphim are the closest to God, cherubs are guardians of the divine light that touches men, and thrones symbolize the small hierarchies and actions of men.
  • Domination, virtues and powers: Domination maintains universal order. Virtues, denote strength, remove negative vibes and obstacles. Powers, guard conscience and history.
  • Messengers: Send messages of vital importance.
  • Archangels: This group encompasses a lot of important beings, the archangels are leaders, they know the deep mysteries of God, they keep divine decrees and more.

The spectacular pictures of the angels encompasses great meanings, to know them all, you would have to study each illustrated angel, it’s an extensive and precious subject, if it catches your attention don’t hesitate to keep informed, acquire your cards as soon as possible and start reading.