The Career Tarot: Solve all doubts of your working life

People’s life can be divided into three stages that are well marked and differentiable from each other by time: youth, adulthood and old. And without a doubt, the adulthood stage is the one that brings more worries, since there are new needs that during the youth were taken for granted. The desire to settle with a family begins, to maintain a social circle that’s not occasional, and the desire to succeed while working.

Concerns related to the professional field are part of the recurring doubts that people often ask themselves, and that is completely normal. Everyone will always seek to guarantee their future.

But, in and of itself, getting the answers to these questions about the future can be somewhat complicated, so the best option to clarify those doubts is to consult the Career Tarot. This is ideal to have a better perspective on working life, and using its online version is equally effective, considering the experiences, the present moment and the opportunities that will come.

What is Career Tarot?

It can be said that it is a variation of the common tarot, but instead of giving a vision and a general reading of people’s lives, it does so with a more central approach: the labor and professional field.

Queries are made using the same deck that’s used in the common tarot, that of Marseille. The protagonists are the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

So, this is the variable version of card reading that deals specifically with the workplace, including problems in the environment, failures in work areas and the possibilities of achieving professional goals.

Career Tarot

People’s careers are very important to them, since they spent a lot of youth working for them. And many times, the ideal job seems unattainable by outsiders. This is the reason why uncertainty about employment status causes so much stress and anxiety, because aspirations sometimes look very far away and occupations become really heavy.

Where does it come from?

From the beginning of time, different ancient cultures tried to interpret the energies of the universe. One of the earliest records comes from Egypt, where they used hieroglyphs, bones and shells to read the destination; These were the oracles. But it wasn’t until Ancient Greece that oracles began to gain importance, as they were cited many times in the myths of this culture.

working life tarot

And the tarot as it’s known today, with a special deck of cards, had its origin in a board game in the Middle Ages. However, although history goes back to those times, this tarot originated a short time ago, thanks to people’s concerns about their economic stability. Instead of taking the full reading, taking into account the different aspects of the person’s life, the consultation is channeled only in the professional field.

Benefits of consulting the career cards

Work-related concerns can be overwhelming, stressful and somewhat suffocating; Not being satisfied with the current position you occupy, having greater aspirations and wanting to expand professional skills are the topics most asked at the time of reading the career cards.

In the consultation, you can make predictions of what your job and economic future holds, but let’s look at the ways in which this Tarot roll helps clarify your doubts. 

career tarot cards reading

Clear the vision of the future

Present problems (and also work cycles not previously closed) tend to cloud your mind, and this becomes annoying when making important decisions regarding the future.

A query of the cards can be asked around a specific question (such as “Am I going to get my ideal job?” Or “How can I be more successful doing what I am passionate about?”), Getting clear and forceful answers.

Consultations can also be made more generally, covering the entire labor field. This helps people not only to analyze every step they take in their professional path, but also to consider situations already experienced to have a better perspective on their destiny.

Highlight strengths and weaknesses

Following the previous point, having a cloudy mind it is difficult to point out the things that are done correctly and those that aren’t, so that a card roll is perfect here.

Uniting the meaning of the letters you can determine the different situations touched in the professional life of the people, leaving in evidence right decisions to continue along a similar path, and exposing the wrong decisions to avoid committing them again.

free career cards

Of course, all this depends on the interpretation of both the tarotist and the person consulting; the tarotist only acts as an intermediary for the oracle messages, but the person consulting is the only one who will know the best way to act.

It may happen that people do not feel satisfied in their work situations, but they are satisfied in their area of ​​development. So, in this case, what should these people do to feel pleased?

The option to consult these virtual cards online will always be available, and reading this, you will already know the benefits of doing so, but you can also follow these Feng Shui tips to raise your work mood:

  • Cleaning and order: A messy workplace repel positive energies and does not allow oxygenation of space.
  • Sunlight: Sunlight is a natural antidepressant. By flooding natural lighting spaces, productivity development is favored.
  • Colors for concentration: While white is the neutral color of most offices, bluish tones and black tones stimulate concentration.

Keep in mind that Feng Shui and tarot are closely related to achieve personal harmony in each area, including labor.