The Celtic Tarot, a different and magical card reading

The Celtic tarot achieves an extraordinary connection with those who feel admiration for the magic of mythological beings and nature. Being based on the Celtic culture, fantastic creatures play an important role as happens in that of fairies.

Through the cards you can have knowledge about the internal reality of the consultant, the unknown that lives in people and what is to come in their lives. All this, making a clear interpretation of them, having it as a guide and knowing that everyone owns their destiny.

Celtic Tarot

Although the tarot of the Celts is not as common as others because of the difficult interpretation of the symbols it contains, it’s quite accurate. It was created by the Druids, men who lived in what now belongs to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, they enjoyed great wisdom, their qualities were very broad, in addition to clairvoyance, they were astrologers, doctors, and possessed very useful skills For your culture.

They could interpret very well the events that would occur in the future, almost knowing them all the time. They were recognized as the wisest of the time, so sometimes decisions weren’t taken if they didn’t grant their approval.

Beginnings and history of the Celtic Tarot

The Celts developed in different villages of the region, although all kept similar cultures, in addition to communicating in Celtic languages. They shared unique customs, were faithful believers of myths, legends and fantasy beings. Its existence is recorded during the Iron Age.

At that time there were no tarotists or someone who specialized specifically in reading cards; however the Druids took advantage of their connection with nature to make predictions. To communicate with each other, they used the Ogham language, created by the God Ogmios, this was a secret alphabet with which they could perceive clairvoyance, share ideas and aspects out of the ordinary, without anyone else noticing.

Tarot of the Celts

The current Celtic card has been inspired by the Waite-Smith tarot, which under the creation of Giacinto Gaudenzi with the Major Arcana and Saverio Tenuta with the Minor Arcana, managed to perfectly represent the Celtic culture, their love for nature, animals and mythology, evidencing in the cards the following kingdoms: mineral, animal and vegetable.

It should be noted that from this tarot arises the popular Celtic cross reading, movement created by the shape of that symbol, used by tarotists in this and other tarot card readings.

How does it work

This mystical version of the tarot, integrates unique plays such as the Celtic Cross card and fantasy characters, so in order to understand it you must be inspired and in connection with nature, listen to your inner voice and accept it as a spiritual guide, this is both for the consultant as the tarotist.

Celtic Cross: strategic reading

For reading, ten different cards are taken, only the Major Arcana, which are divided into five groups and represent different stages such as: heroic, adventurous, oceanic, mythological and historical. In these groups there are positive, negative and neutral cards, and their meaning will vary according to their order. In situations of total uncertainty, anguish or despair, the Celtic Cross reading will help you undermine doubts and will be your guide.

Celtic Cross reading

The first card would become part of the present, the second is positioned perpendicular to the first, with four more cards placed circularly around the first two, taking as a guide the cardinal points, north, south, east and west. To complete the Celtic cross roll, the last four cards will be placed vertically on the right side of the previous ones, one below the other.

Symbolisms in the reading of the Tarot of the Celts

In this reading, the cards interact with each other, each movement has a reason and a clear objective.

  • Actual state, cards tell what’s happening.
  • Feelings, how the situation will be lived, through expressions and everything that could trigger.
  • The past, to know where you are going you must know where you come from, keep in mind what you’ve lived.
  • Future, what you want to achieve, your goals, everything you have in mind.
  • Address, where are you going, your way.
  • Your interior.
  • Interpersonal relationships, your relationship with other people, how they perceive your presence.
  • What you expect, your expectations and desires.
  • Consequences, result of your actions and those of others.
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Meaning of the positions

  • Position 1: In this first card the main energy of everything is concentrated, it is the base, its position will answer your questions and will serve as a start for others to tell their story, how it will happen, how to face it and why.
  • Position 1, 3 and 5: The first card is the present, card 5 is the perception of the consultant, how the consultant sees things in general, letter 3 is the motivation of the consultant towards what happens.
  • Position 2, 4 and 6: Temporality, fleeting changes, where you’re now and where you’re going.
  • Position 7, 8, 9 and 10: With these the reading is concluded, after the central focus on them, with these cards you will know how to face all adversities. The 7 represents the personal attitude, 8 how others perceive you, 9 expectations and 10 consequences.
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How the cards in this deck are made up

The Celtic cards are made up of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, for their reading, the Major Arcana are mostly used, which are illustrated by Celtic deities and mythological beings. The Minor Arcana are little used to guess strong and important aspects, but they serve as a complement and are based on the civilizations of ancient Ireland, representing in each card a different people from that time.

With a total of 83 cards, the Tarot of the Celts is complicated for reading, because of its great symbology, you must achieve a connection with the entire Celtic culture, understand and appreciate it, to find the correct answers.