Love Tarot: All your questions answered

Love is one of the most important aspects of our lives, perhaps the most important one, because everything we do is about love, especially if it has to do with relationships. Since love tarot can give us answers to many of our questions or reveal details that are often unknown, it is one of the techniques we turn to most when we are confused looking for a solution to a problem. Sometimes we even seek a specialist who can read the love tarot cards to know how is going our love life. 

Love moves so many emotions: positive, negative, indeterminate; it makes us feel so many things on an emotional level that it can transcend even the physical plane. That is why some people when they suffer a lack of love or lose a loved one go through a process of immense mourning that makes them move away from everything and not give importance to what happens in the environment. 

Love Tarot

Not only do we become depressed, but we often get sick and other people fall into critical health situations, even more so when we have no control over our emotions. It is something we do not know, but when we go through these episodes we have to take a breath and think in cold. We should think that destiny always has something better in store for us, and why not consult the love tarot to find out? Or have some love tarot cards reading for free; this can also give you an indication to get out of the hole of a depression and give back a meaning to your life.

You can consult the tarot for aspects of work or other issues in your life, such as past lives, or what your mission in life, but the love tarot is different, you need to be focused on the subject and your loved one. Later we will tell you in detail what you should do during a love tarot card reading to be very effective.

When there is a lack of love in our lives we feel an almost uncontrollable desperation to find it. Sometimes you must look inside yourself, because it is possible that you are not loving yourself enough, therefore, you can not look outside what you do not have within you. 

However, when we identify that we need a partner’s love, sharing, living love with another person; consulting the love tarot is one of the first things that comes to mind, and it is almost impossible to avoid the curiosity to know what “providence” can say about our love life. Is that so, that many consult the love tarot for free online.

The free love tarot you see in some websites may not give you a concrete answer, but give you an idea of the characteristics of your love life. Some love tarot readings are more comprehensive than others and although each card has an independent interpretation is very important to pay attention to the connection between them according to the place they occupy. 

When you consult your love tarot cards is essential that you are calm, without stress, focused, meditating, close your eyes and focus on the person you love, try to connect with your spiritual self as much as possible to know what the arcana want to reveal through the love tarot.

Love Tarot: the most popular divination technique

The love tarot is one of the most popular divination techniques and the most consulted because the couple issues are very common, either because you are dating someone and want to know the future of your relationship, or because you are going through problems with your loved one, in addition to many other consultations that make a roll of love tarot cards. Sometimes you opt for a free love tarot reading to explore.

Of course, a traditional reading of cards can also give you answers because tarot cards are very revealing, but a love tarot reading is more specialized and precise than the others. With love tarot you can ask if you will find a partner soon, if your relationship with that new date has a future, if there is any infidelity, if there is a person ruining your relationship, among other questions. And the love tarot card reading is for both women and men, because they also have questions, although it is not common to see them consulting the love tarot for free.

For these divination techniques, especially love tarot, there are many specialists and professionals among many fakers, so when you go to consult a tarot artist is recommended to be one that inspires confidence. That is very important when you make your tarot card reading.

tarot of love reading

The answers in a love card reading can be very strong, honoring the principle of “truths hurt”, but this can save a relationship, make you see that you need more self-esteem, or stop fighting for something that is not for you and give you the opportunity to find another person who will really give you happiness. It can even give you the signal to act on your feelings with someone you haven’t been honest with for fear of rejection or something going wrong. But the arcana of the love tarot will guide you and show you aspects of your romantic life in the near future.

The love tarot is very comprehensive because it shows all the faces of our heart, in addition to aspects of our ancestors. And not only those of the person who consults, but also the person who is interested in the consultant. The love tarot reveals that there is so much love between two people, if they are linked from their ancestors or if true love comes to your door. The love tarot will also tell you if you are prepared emotionally to receive this loved person, or how to solve be ready to live love.

Tarot is a kind of card game, composed of major and minor arcana with symbols and colors that give different interpretations of your life. It is known more than all the traditional tarot, but there is one more specialized for consultations on our romantic life, and is the love tarot.

It is a card game created exclusively to resolve doubts and queries about love. Very simple and easy, all issues related to your love life have answers with this love tarot. Here we tell you what you need to know about this technique of divination that we use to give answers to the questions of our heart.

Where does the love tarot come from?

Humans have tried to go beyond the knowledge of things ever since they have been known to exist on the planet. They have tried to give answers and know the future of their destinies through all kinds of divination techniques, oracles, consulting the gods and doing what they could to get answers. 

Much is said about the origins of love tarot. Some say that it comes from ancient Egypt, however for that time there is no evidence that cards or something similar were used to respond to uncertainties in love or otherwise. Others locate its origin in the sixteenth century, and it makes more sense because it is the time when there are references to the use of cards as a divination technique.

free reading of love tarot

Another story points out that the tarot originates in a region of Italy during the 15th century, inspired by a card game, since, in fact, it is well known that the tarot is inspired by games that existed in antiquity, such as the ivory card game in China (1120), or with the Indian divination card game. 

For other researchers the tarot arrived in Europe thanks to the gypsies who came from other lands, promoting this technique as a divinatory system. Some venture to say that the love tarot survived the Inquisition because the gypsies were out of the targets in their jurisdiction, so they were saved from persecution. However, when the Gypsies arrived in Europe and the tarot was already well known.

Oswald Wirth, Swedish occultist and specialist in esoteric subjects, reveals that Tarot was born in the Middle Ages from the fusion of symbols and philosophies of antiquity, such as numerology, Kabbalah, astrology. 

And in fact, the Tarot cards have symbols of various types, loaded with religions and cultures of antiquity, which reaffirms that since the origins of humanity we were already interested in knowing our destiny with techniques for divination. And that practice has been increasing and evolving over time.

Of course, love was one of the subjects consulted and for that, one had to go to the place where it was propitious to make the predictions. Nowadays we do not go to oracles as such, but we attend the place of consultation with tarottists or clairvoyants.

How does the love tarot work?

The Major and Minor Arcana make up the 78 cards of the Tarot, and the reading can be done with the Major or with both with spreads configured in different ways, called: Great Cross (called “Simple Method”), The Magic Cross, the Celtic spread, the Tree of Life, among others that you will read later. 

The Major Arcana are 22, in whose series the creation of the universe is represented, both the earthly and spiritual planes. These 22 cards are divided into: cards of knowledge, cards of action and cards of emotion, which, in other words, represent the material plane, the spiritual or soul plane of a person. On the other hand, the minor arcana are 56 and represent or refer to more specific aspects of our life. They do not have a symbolism as complex as the major arcana, but are equally important in a reading of love tarot cards, as they reveal more specific details of a general situation (pointed out by the major arcana).

Each card has an independent meaning, it can be positive or negative, but it depends on the position of each one and the cards that accompany it in the way of throwing the cards on the table.

As the Swedish occultist Wirth said, tarot cards are made of all kinds of symbols. There are numbers, colors, figures, elements involved, and each card has a meaning, even the position of the figure has a meaning and can be decisive in an interpretation. Each seer who does the reading of cards may also have a particular interpretation.

Why a love tarot card reading?

It is very important the way to throw the cards and for that you need some requirements, among them are: to keep clean and clear the area where you are going to do the card reading, place them on a purple tablecloth (which is the color of the transmutation), place a glass with water on the table, that the tarot reader and the consultant remain seated without crossing their legs or arms, to have done a small meditation before starting the reading of cards, this to establish a connection and create an atmosphere suitable for this solemn and magical act.

Then, when the client expresses his/her concerns and what he/she wants to ask the cards, it is necessary to choose an appropriate roll to answer the needs. 

As mentioned above, there are different ways to throw the cards for the love tarot to make its revelations. We know the game of the three cards, in which we review the pros, cons and the result of a situation, the game of the 11 cards, The Big Wheel, the Royal Roll, the Mystic Cross, the game of the Diana, the Star of David, the magic calendar, the picture of the future, and so many methods. 

tarot love cards

Based on these types of readings, people create their own way of throwing the cards, as well as everyone has their own way of shuffling, cutting and choosing the cards from the deck. For many Tarotists it is indispensable that the cuts and choices be made with the left hand, which represents the subconscious, and others prefer to use the right hand, which is the one related to contact with the universe and evolution.  Regardless of which hand is used, the important thing is to stay focused on what you want to know and be totally open to the answers that the love tarot cards will give you.

The love tarot can be consulted to understand situations that you may be dragging from past events, or to know how a situation you are going through in your love life will end. Instead of reading the card, the spreads are used because using the major and minor arcana gives us a more general and complete picture of what is being consulted.

In a free love tarot consultation you can ask generic questions according to some personal data, but if you sit down with a person who knows how to read the cards and trust their interpretation it is important that the questions you ask answer your true curiosity of love, if it is that person whom you feel you really love. The traditional tarot you can consult situations with possible adventures and give you a guide to whether that relationship is meant to be or just end in adventure, or what learning is going to leave the passage of that person in your life, but in love tarot you should be focused on your partner, the person you love, you feel that complements you. Thus, the love tarot is really powerful.

Just as you should ask about true love, you should not use love tarot to manipulate situations or people. If the cards give you an answer that does not favor you, it is possible that that person is not being sincere, is not good at your destination or bring you bad times eventually, and if you try to manipulate it for your benefit the tarot will not give you accurate answers. Good cards never lie.

When to consult the love tarot?

It is normal that sometimes we have doubts or insecurities about our partner, especially that we have questions when we are single for a long time, those moments when we say “Could it be that nobody is attracted to me, I’m ugly? What happens? What can I do?”

Consulting the tarot for this kind of thing is very likely to be considered banal or exaggerated for many, but if it’s really something you trust that will give you the tools to twist your life, or make you feel calm, then do it! There are no formulas or magic dates to consult the love tarot, as long as they are important dates for you. The ideal is to choose a day when you are totally focused on what you want to know, totally connected, so that the arcana helps you find clarity in what you should do. 

Of course, it is always possible to sit down and talk honestly with your loved one if you have particular doubts, although many are afraid to have this type of conversation because they don’t know how the other one will react. It’s also possible to talk to other specialists about relationship problems, such as therapists or psychologists. However, these are people like us, who, despite being specialists, are also permeated by a natural subjectivity. It is in this type of case that a love tarot reading sounds like an excellent idea. 

tarot of love cards

Every day the curiosity, uncertainty, emotion or lack of love, and other situations of the heart increase. There are more and more questions and therefore more desire of people to go and read the love tarot. According to the interest of the client, the card reading has its particularity, and this is because the interpretation of the cards will depend strictly on the subject or questioning that the consultant has. The arcana are represented in the cards, but it is worth noting that the card has as many meanings as the sense in which the person is asking. That is why we ask you to be focused and very precise in what you want to ask the cards. 

Do not be shy, be sincere, ask the question you really want to know and thus contribute with the forces of divination to give you the answer you need. They do not judge, and neither does your tarot reader, since he or she will only be a guide on the path you decided to take.

The reading of love tarot gives you some light on the decisions to be taken according to your particular situation, either to improve it, to change it, to balance it, to save it. Also to see a little preview of what that brings. In any case the love tarot gives you a great help and is always a good investment of time, because it either indicates if you’re acting right and you’re “on your way”, or prevents you and prepares you for sudden or unexpected changes. 

The truth is that the love tarot leaves you a teaching or motivation to work for something, fulfill an objective in that relationship that is consulted. The love tarot is also very complete because it reflects all the edges of the romantic life of the consultant, as well as the emotional outlook of your partner, the characteristics of the couple, what each one feels involved in the relationship. Similarly, the tarot cards symbolize what is stored in our hearts, which we do not define and sometimes we do not even know it is there, but it will help us find our way and find the right people for each lesson that the divine universe wants us to learn.

Who can consult the love tarot?

It is not only people with a partner who consult the love tarot. Nor is an exclusive action of them, because singles and all people with a sentimental situation that causes them to ask questions, or those who are curious to know how to get a partner, know what to do to rekindle the flame, or just know the future of your relationship, you can consult with the love tarot.

Each and every one of the consultants will give you answers according to your needs and requirements. In fact, it is always beneficial to have a love tarot reading, because it gives you advice on what you can do (or should stop doing) to find your soul mate, or what you should do to overcome a breakup, reflect on the mistakes, indicate why that had to happen. Usually the answers to our questions are inside us, we know them, but it never hurts to have a little extra help and this is achieved by reading cards. Love Tarot really works for everything!

If you are curious to quickly know the status of your love situation, you can make a free love tarot consultation online. There are plenty of pages where you can find applications or different ways to make a roll of cards and give you answers about love. 

Today you can even make consultations about love at a distance, as social networks and daily sharing in our timelines link us with other people who call our attention through the vast world of the Internet. And many love affairs have happened this way. Several end in happy marriages and families, and a few in broken hearts. But not all of us have the same luck in love, and that is why the love tarot can also be of great help.

Free love tarot: a good alternative online

There are many websites and applications that offer you a free love tarot reading, some with a three-card spread, others with five. According to the way they show in their interface, your query offers the love interpretation of each arcane about the emotions of the person who consults according to his date of birth, which is one of the most important data in a card reading. As the spread passes, the cards will show the status of what was consulted and its possible outcome in the future. 

Although it is done online, the love tarot card spread must be done with a good mood, stable mood and keep you relaxed, focused, connected to receive the most accurate responses possible. 

love cards

Pay attention to what you indicate the higher forces. Analyze, compare with your current situation. Take into account what your intuition says, but it is also advisable to think about things in a cold way so as not to make rash decisions. Anyway, the free tarot of love is at your disposal and you can consult it again to get a “second opinion”. 

By taking these tools into account, knowing how and why they work will make you aware and will make a difference in your lifestyle. This does not exempt you from taking charge of the direction of your life, or endorsing it to others. Tarot is not counterproductive or mandatory, you will always have the last word. 

Taking a look into the future can be fun and enriching. And if you dare, you can even consult it with your partner. Depending on the answer you will have to compromise or try harder to make things work or, if not, leave things as they are and give way to people or situations that are meant to be and that both are happy according to what your destiny holds.

Use the love tarot to build your destiny

As each head is a world and the interpretation of the love tarot cards is very broad and rich, you should not take as sacred word what the tarot reader tells you.  They say that “good cards are not wrong”, but when you ask, you should do so focused on the person you love and be as focused as possible, connected with your higher self, which is the one that will give you the answers to what you really need in your life.

If there is a very critical answer or something you do not like to hear, remember that you are the master of your destiny and you can choose where to direct it with the answers obtained, especially in the free love tarot spread, where they give indications not as broad as in a love tarot reading by a tarot reader in person. 

Many questions can be answered by the love tarot, but remember that it is a guide to what is happening. In fact, the cards reflect what your unconscious knows, but this is not decisive in life. Learn to listen, to connect with your higher self and along with the response of the cards sets the goal of your destiny and be happy, first by serving you, giving you love yourself, then others and thus attract the person who completes you in this life. 

The Love Tarot will answer your questions. But always remember that the cards make suggestions and what they tell you is a reflection of what you, unconsciously, already know. The Love Tarot is a tool, use it well and to your benefit because you are the architect of your destiny.