Free online tarot

Tarot is one of the most popular divination techniques and the one that people usually use at special moments, even the most skeptical ones seek for answers to certain problems and situations in their lives. Many people, adapting to the changes in their current lives, seek free tarot readings online that allow them to have an immediate overview of the events that are affecting them and then go to a tarot specialist to reading the cards and let them reveal what the person is looking for: a reliable and accurate answer about their near future.

Reading the cards for free online is a quick option to give answers to what’s on your mind. In fact, tarot and arcane answers are so powerful that you can ask any kind of questions on any subject you want to know. The important thing is that you are very clear on what you want to ask, so that the comments you get from the cards, as well as the interpretation of the tarot, are as accurate as possible.

Free online tarot

It is also important to be very receptive to a free card reading or online tarot, to assimilate what it indicates. Although the popular phrase is “Truth hurts“, the person who asks to throw the cards must be aware that the arcana does not lie, especially if it shows willingness and connection from the moment a query is made.

A free tarot card reading is a very simple process, even if it is in a virtual place. You do not need special requirements to send to read the cards, the ideal thing to begin is to have the mind in target, to previously meditate and to be in agreement with the predictions that come from the arcana.

Each card reader or tarot specialist will ask you to pick the cards in a certain way and will recommend you a way to arrange them. This is not a whim of the tarot artist, is because depending on how you place the cards on the table, they will give certain specific answers according to the area of your life that you consult. All this is to give you the immediate and reliable answer you are looking for.

The free tarot is so broad that you can ask about any case in your life: how to know immediately if you should run away from a relationship, or the questions we usually ask, and are related to love: does my ex think about me, how to know if he still loves me, should I go back to my ex? Also if you are in a stable relationship, you can ask if things are going well or badly, what he feels about me, how to know my future in immediate love, among other things.

A free card reading can help you know what your future holds in the love field, what things are going on and how you should handle it; you just have to be willing to receive everything the divinity has to say about the issues that you ask questions about when you ask to card reading.

Free virtual online card reading

A free card reading is now possible with a good internet connection. It’s very useful, especially for people who are busy with their daily work routine, or household chores, studies, or if they have children. What does my future hold? Now you have no excuse to find it out with a free card reading.

The good thing about reading the cards for free on the Internet is that, in this virtual consultation, the cards are already shuffled, it is not necessary to write the question and you can consult on anything that concerns you: from love, work, daily life, your relationship with someone, health. Even if you wonder how to know your immediate future, you can consult them without a date of birth and without email to quickly access a real and reliable set of answers.

How to reading the cards in the free tarot?

In a free online tarot consultation it is not necessary to ask a specific question, but to be very well focused on what you want to ask, in that situation to which you want to give an immediate answer, and the tarot cards will give you a real answer.

In addition to being well focused, it is extremely important that you cleanse yourself of all negative energy and skepticism, as this can condition the interpretation of the cards. You must be relaxed, both in body and mind, and remain in a state where your thoughts are focused only on your query.

online card reading tarot

The consultations with the tarot cards should be done in a place in silence, peace, serene. A place where you are away from distractions and your level of connection is maintained for the duration of the session. It is imperative that you stay away from the phone in these cases, and keep yourself vibrating in good energy. Remember that these sessions are very dependent on the energies, feelings, meditation and all that is intangible and divine in the oracle, but absolutely crucial to give a reliable answer to what you need to apply in your life.

Read the free arcane cards online

The arcane tarot cards have different ways, from the simplest to the most complex, to make a roll. The free online tarot can give us access to several pages where we can make a query through several runs that allow us to give a broad response to what we want to know and know how to act.

The funny thing is that people who have often consulted refer to the Arcana Tarot as the most accurate tarot in the world, the tarot without lies, because the arcana give concrete and reliable answers to situations that arise in a consultation. In fact, people are surprised at how accurate the free Arcana tarot can be. 

In the free arcana tarot there is also the reading of the three cards, in which one card refers to the pros of a situation, another one refers to the cons, and the third one refers to the result of the consulted subject; however, we also find rolls like the Great Wheel, the Mystic Cross, the Star of David, among others that can be consulted online.

There is another large part of the print run that is done in person, and it is a session that must respond to certain conditions in order to create an ideal environment for the divinatory answers that the oracle has for the client. One of these conditions is that the tarot reader asks his client to make the cuts and selections of the cards with the left hand, since this represents the connection with the subconscious. However, other seers prefer that people use the right hand, because it represents the contact of the being with the evolution and with the divine universe.

But beyond that, and as you know, it is recommended for a card reading the following things: choose a quiet, serene room where your whole body and mind are relaxed, have clean hands, light a white candle to illuminate and to open the way to good energies, as well as place a purple garment (color of transmutation) on the table where you are going to throw the cards.

Tarot cards MUST NOT be read on the floor

Meditate and think about the question that requires an answer, keep the focus on recreating as clearly as possible that situation in your mind. You will be asked to cut the cards, already shuffled by the tarot reader, and reading them upside down on the mat. Then you choose the cards, hand them over to the seer and he will turn them over until they are facing the seer, to make the interpretation

The deck is extended so that, according to the interpretation given by the tarotist and, if required, the consultant will choose more cards. A first reading is given and the query flows according to the reading that was chosen to do. 

free tarot reading

It also depends on the consultation is essential to use one or another roll. However, that will depend on the seer with whom the consultation is done, and if you choose to do a free online tarot reading you can do the one that gives you more confidence, one that arouses more interest in your intuition. 

Many people consider it strictly necessary to sit in front of the tarot reader to hear his interpretation and what they have to tell him according to the issue raised. Of course, it is always ideal that someone who “sees the bulls from the barrier” give their perception, which is free of our prejudices and subjectivities, but if it is not possible to make a consultation with cartoonists, you can always read the tarot cards for free and make use of our self-criticism to respond, ourselves, to the situations we go through, but always with the guidance of the arcana.

Fast, complete and effective card reading

On the Internet you can make a fast, effective and complete tarot reading without lies, in an accurate way, and for free. This can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time, provided that the consultant has all the willingness and goodwill to make his free tarot reading.

For all those interested in a consultation, it is important that a free card reading can give you an accurate picture of what is happening in your life, because nowadays people are so busy with the daily routine that they have the time counted. However, they are always attracted by the idea of knowing what their destiny holds, what their future brings and how divination can help them answer their problems, even knowing what techniques free tarot can indicate to them to achieve their goals. However, although many people will receive an answer, not all of them agree or are willing to make changes in their life in order to enter the path where their goal is headed, or in some cases, change what is in their “comfort zone” to address what they really need to do as their life mission dictates. 

Given these scenarios, reading the letters gives you a clue to put some order into your life before you go into a deeper consultation that will give you answers beyond the superficial and allow you to get on the road to the reason why you are on this plane.

tarot cards

Although many wonder about the reliability and credibility of a tarot card reading, since many people question its function, these symbols represented on the cards reflect a way of telling life’s story. Of course, each head is a world and everyone who believes wants to believe it, but people who make inquiries of the tarot must be stripped of all those unfounded judgments and open their hearts and minds to receive the answers of the oracle. 

To be convinced, some people choose the Internet to investigate and learn more about this technique of popular divination, and what better than the free tarot to get to know its method and wisdom. 

A tarot card reading on the Internet is one of the alternatives most chosen by people who want a free tarot consultation, and make all possible inquiries about what is needed, who does it, how it is done and how it works is in our lives, and how it can affect it through us and our actions.

Other things to know about tarot 

  • Since its origins, different types of tarot cards are known. The Marseilles Tarot, which is the most popular and the one we usually see in free tarot rolls. There is also the Egyptian Tarot, an Oriental Tarot, and even a modern Tarot called “Pulp Fiction”. Most types of tarot, which we will see later, have approximately the same origin of the number of cards and their meanings.
  • In a reading, the position of each card on the table and the interpretation given by the seer, represents the meaning that will be given to the question you asked about a specific situation. It is up to you to determine what is the best action to take.
  • Tarot consultations cannot be done in a casual way. It is ideal to let at least six months pass to re-cast the cards, especially if your intention is to repeat a question or raise a situation that you already did in a previous consultation.
  • The cards were basically made for recreational purposes, and that fact is reflected in the history books of cartography, tarot and everything related. So if you want to use a deck of cards to read the Spanish deck for an isolated and homemade consultation, you must be aware that you cannot use it for anything else, especially not to play with them again, because the decks of cards used as a divinatory purpose of any oracle should not be used for other activities. In fact, in order to use carthomancy, that is to say, to use the cards for divination, you must consecrate the cards: clean them, fill them with good energy, and other recommended rituals which involve burning incense, using a little salt, and even moonlighting.
  • Last but not least: be very connected with your spirit and let the good energy flow during a tarot card spin. This aspect will determine from beginning to end your experience when reading the cards and, of course, in a free tarot deck. Even if a reading is done online, it is essential that you have a good mood and good humor, as this determines the meaning you give to each response obtained by the arcana.

Accept the answers given by superior beings and pay attention to the seer’s interpretations which, although they are not the last word, can help you to shape and understand the situation you consulted. Many times we are permeated by our judgments and they do not let us see clearly a way out. It is highly recommended that you consider your intuition but also that you think and reflect calmly. While the tarot is an accurate guide, it is not mandatory, so the last word is yours, the one who consults.

However, “good cards are never wrong”, so the most important thing is that when you make your consultation with the tarot cards you stay totally connected and focused with your teachers to guide you to what you want to know, thinking about that person with whom you want to fix things, or focused on that work, that project, that state of health you want to achieve.

free arcane cards online

A free tarot reading may not give you indications as accurate as in a face-to-face consultation, so if you hear something you don’t like, you can direct the situation with the interpretation of another card or another consultation. Now, if in a later consultation comes a response to that you do not like, ideally you pay special attention because that prediction may be revealing something that you did not even imagine.

Similarly, the tarot cards reveal a kind of guide to what is going on at the underlying level. The arcana reveals part of what you know in your subconscious, precisely because of this, the client is asked to connect with his divinity, to keep his mind blank, to promote that he can hear himself, through the consultation, and the answer thrown by the cards, along with his unconscious wisdom, can create his line of action to amend the problems, if any, and live more fully with himself and the environment.

Free Cartomancy: Predicting the future through the cards

Card reading, or cartomancy, is one of the most widely used methods when people are interested in knowing what will happen in certain situations of their lives, and cards can help them to understand certain circumstances, since they are guided by the “divinity” of the oracle. However, others believe that the cards reveal what is already in the unconscious of the person being consulted.

The revelations or predictions in the cartomancy are meant to help clients to get answers about personal events. This method is mostly performed by people who really have the gift of clairvoyance, because, as the cards are originally created for the game, they have a variety of meanings given by their symbolism and their colors, and to find a concrete interpretation you need, more than knowledge, a divine gift, which people trust when they consult each other in a card game.

What is cartomancy?

Cartomancy is a method of divination to predict the future by reading the cards. According to its etymology, it means: practice of predicting. 

The ways to apply cartomancy can be with tarot cards, or “normal” cards, which are used for more recreational purposes, such as the Spanish or the English deck. 

Free Cartomancy

This method makes use of different forms of spreads that allow the cartomantist or tarotist to interpret the symbols, colors and elements of the cards, which, coupled with the gift of clairvoyance, gives a revelation to the person who consults it.

Cartomancy involves a mystery as to where it was born or created, but it has been preserved through the ages to continue providing answers through symbols and colors, and of course, it continues to be perfected every day.

There are 3 key aspects to a card reading:

  1. the card reader, or the person who will do the reading, who knows the meaning of the cards that appear one by one
  2. The cards with the message containing
  3. And the person who attends the consultation to answer what concerns him, and to know his immediate future

Cartomancy specialists may know things and have insights that ordinary people cannot obtain, not only because of their ability to read the cards, but because of the special gift they possess that allows them to apply that knowledge and add part of their interpretation to what the cards show.

Although they say that cartomancy is a divination technique, the practice is not exactly based on predicting the future, but on “guessing” causes and consequences of a situation that concerns us, as well as obtaining advice to change our way of perceiving and acting in order to solve problems.

Origins of Cartomancy 

There is a great mystery behind the cartomancy, there are various theories but there is no exact record of its definitive origin. Card reading is one of the longest-standing divination methods, which even today continues to gain followers and attract a lot of customers.

The truth is that it has been used as part of divination for at least 5 centuries and there are other records and references that suggest that they have been used since the time before Christ.

Some versions of the story claim that the cards appeared in the Far East, specifically during the time of the Chinese dynasties. But it doesn’t stop there. The symbolism of the cards may contain various influences such as Greek rites, Arab and Muslim philosophy, or some indications from India.

The original Tarot has its first reference in the 15th century, and the one that has been most adopted and applied is the Marseilles Tarot.

It is said that the oldest Tarot deck is preserved at Yale University, owned by Filippo Maria Visconti.

As time went by, new features and other elements were included, and there were even cartoon specialists who created their versions of the tarot, such as Rider Wite, Crowley, Marie Anne Lenormand and others. They all have similarities between them because they are born from the same base. 

In the beginning there was what they call “Medieval Censorship”, since historical records indicate that the decks were banned in Germany at the end of the 14th century. The church was opposed to cartomancy because they believed that people interacted with dark beings to predict the future, and they claimed that the practice alienated people from the idea of God. The first deck was confiscated in Switzerland in 1377 and burned in full view of the people. So it would be with the decks that were confiscated from there on.

Nowhere is it recorded that the confiscated decks were tarot cards, since the games were with 56 cards, so it is thought that this forbidden practice refers to playing with the Spanish or French deck.

They would soon realize that the cards were a great attraction at a festival in Belgium during those years, and later the Nuremberg Code approved the card game, something that eventually happened in Florence.

Even so, in France, the ban was extended for a longer period, until gambling was banned during working days.

Differences between tarot and cartomancy

The first difference between tarot and cartomancy is that tarot is a type of divination through cards. That is, the tarot is a type of cartomancy.

The experts in the field also indicate that the big difference between one and another is that the cartomancy has divinatory purposes and predicts (or intends to) make predictions, while the tarot gives information that allows the client to reflect the answers that already inhabit their unconscious. The tarot is a tool that helps you reflect on your perceptions, through the understanding of the present, even certain aspects of the past, in order to apply actions to shape your future, because remember that you are the architect of your destiny, and the interpretation of a tarot is always going to be a guide to what is predestined for you, but you have the last word.

Types of Tarot Decks

There are several types of tarot decks, although the most popular are the Marseilles Tarot and the Raider Tarot, which are the richest in symbolism, the most colorful and the most detailed for card reading.

Tarot Decks

The Marseilles Tarot (French) is the one known as the original tarot. The rest of the Tarots in Europe appeared from this one. There are also the satirical Tarots and others that have had an impact on people, like the Rider-Waite and the Wirth. 

Learn now about the different tarot cards that have been created throughout history:

Traditional Tarot Decks

GYPSY TAROT: originated in Central Asia, is the oldest known tarot. Eventually the gypsies took it to Italy and then to France. The 22 major arcana of its deck are without numbers and represent the cosmogony of gypsy life. The minor arcana of this deck, on the other hand, represent the four gypsy tribes and instead of the four sticks that are known, are replaced by coins, music, vessels and knives. 

VISCONTI-SFORZA TAROT (1450): this compound name is given by a well-known miniaturist of the Sforza family who created this tarot inspired by the deck created in previous years by the artist Filippo Maria Visconti.

MANTEGNA TAROT (1460): it is a tarot created by the artist Francesco del Cossa, in Renaissance style. It represents a microcosm that existed in the lower class of the Middle Ages, including the morals, values and spirituality of the society of that time. It reflects the members of the bourgeoisie, the nobility, the clergy, the gods. Mantegna tarot cards contain a rich symbolism that mixes astrology, theology and philosophy.

ALCHEMISTIC TAROT (1500): It is also known as “the enlightened one” or the “Tarot of the Ancient Condotiers”. Also of Renaissance style, this tarot represents another part of the society that lived together in the Middle Ages and makes a mystical and philosophical journey of this era of history. Five copies of this tarot have been preserved, although only one is complete. 

MARSEILLES TAROT: It was created at the end of the 14th century and is known as the original tarot, as it was one of the precursors of tarot on the European continent. Versions indicate that it arrived at the French court from Italy, coming from Central Asia. The first deck of this tarot that is preserved was created in the 17th century by Jean de Noblet, and is composed of 78 arcana, 22 Major arcana and 56 Minor arcana, which are the most used today for free tarot consultation.

Modern Tarot Cards

MICCHIATE FLORENTINE TAROT (1806): It was created in Florence, and it is very original because its creator added 19 more cards than the original tarot already had: he added the signs of the zodiac, the virtues of theology and the 4 elements of the planet, (water, fire, air, earth). In the minor arcana, the knights were replaced by animals.

CLASSICAL TAROT (1880): It is a sample of the classic Italian tarot, created in Piedmont. It is a famous place for the manufacture of Tarots, which were so fashionable at that time in Lombardy.

RIDER-WAITE TAROT (1910): very similar to the Marseilles Tarot, because it has the same amount of arcana but its colors are not so bright and its designs and strokes are different. It was created by Edward Waite in 1903 according to his beliefs and his way of seeing life.  It was first printed by the publisher Rider in 1911 and hence it owes its name.

CROWLEY TAROT (1944): created by the esoteric and intellectual Aleister Crowley, called “the most perverse man in the world”, who created a tarot with a surrealist design of the time, designed by Lady Frieda Harris, and which was very well accepted in the United States, because they had more chance of “something happening” than he predicted.

Contemporary Tarot Decks

DALI TAROT (1971): the artist Salvador Dalí was very interested in esoterics. His relationship with art and study of the “hidden arts” led him to create so many works that he even designed a tarot that bears his name. This tarot is based on the Marseilles tarot, inspired by his characteristic surrealist style.

EGYPTIAN TAROT (1998): this tarot was inspired by the frescoes that were found in the pyramids, and in honor of Princess Nefertiti. The 22 major arcana of this deck of tarot refers to the Egyptian gods and the minor arcana refers to those who make up the people.

EROTIC TAROT (2000): This tarot is daring but very attractive to the eye for capturing erotic or romantic scenes, also for having delicate designs and being realistic. It was created by the Italian artist Lucca Raimondo, who was inspired by the life of Casanova and Venice to illustrate this deck of tarot which, like the previous ones, is based on the Marseilles Tarot.

PULP FICTION TAROT: A tarot was created in honor of the success of Quentin Tarantino’s film of the same name. It is an exclusive collection of Tarot cards with the characters and situations of Pulp Fiction.

OSHO ZEN TAROT: It is based on Osho’s life and his philosophy of life. It was created to take us to know ourselves internally and deeply, and thus evolve, through the connection with the Universe and our intuition.

You can consult the free Osho Zen tarot, and thus reveal where you are in life and focus your actions to find balance, harmony and awaken your sensitivity to your environment. This deck is composed of the same 22 major and 56 minor arcana of the original tarot.

Free Arcane Tarot

The 78 tarot cards are divided into minor and major arcana. It is possible to do a reading with the major arcana cards, since the card reading gives a very general overview of what a client consults in the free tarot. However, it is always more accurate to read the cards of both arcana, for a more concrete and reliable response.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot

The major arcana of the free tarot represent the creation of a world, from the moment it emerges until it culminates and comprises the entire course of life in 22 cards.

These arcana involve three important planes, the earthly plane, the spiritual plane and the emotional plane, and each card indicates in which of three aspects the consultant faces life situations: from knowledge, action or emotion.

The reading of the free tarot cards will depend on the person being consulted, because just as “each mind is a whole world”, each person has particular destinies and different ways of living and perceiving things, as well as facing life. Similarly, the tarot cards account for the energy of a person inside and what they call “external forces” that would be the divine or astral influences that influence your life.

major arcana

Let’s see how the universe is recreated and which cards represent the aspects of Knowledge, action and emotion in a free tarot deck:

● The Magician’s card represents The Origin, the earthly

● The cards of The High Priestess (knowledge), the Empress (action) and the Emperor (action), represent The Power.

● The Arcana The Pope (knowledge), The Lovers (emotion), The Chariot (action), represent The Expression. 

● The Control is represented by the cards of Justice (knowledge), the Hermit (emotion) and the Wheel of Fortune (action).

● Acceptance is represented by two cards which in turn refer to two aspects, the arcane of The Force, which implies knowledge and action, and the arcane of The Hanging Man, which implies action and emotion.

● The cards of Temperance (knowledge), Death (action), and the Arcanum of the Devil (emotion) represent transmutation.

● Reaction is represented by the arcana of the star (knowledge), the tower (action) and the card of the moon (emotion).

● Liberation is represented by the arcane of Justice (knowledge), the Sun (action) and the Madman (emotion).

And finally, the Synthesis is represented by The World, a card that involves the three aspects of Knowledge, emotion and action. Now let’s see what each arcane represents:

Arcane I – The Magician

It represents a young man with energy, absolute power, the idea that he has everything in his hands, that it is up to you to change a situation if you want to. The facility to start something whenever necessary, or the facility to start again as many times as needed. 

The Magician’s arcane shows how we communicate our thoughts to others, it even teaches us to feed our ingenuity and to encourage study to develop our skills, which allows us to address different problems simultaneously and solve them. 

In the three planes it represents: 

● Spiritual: primordial unity in itself.

● Emotional: Self-consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, power.

● Material: Starting impulse, the origin, the will, the energy, the health. 

The Magician is a card addressed to make reading for work, business, things about money, not love. 

Arcane II – The High Priestess (or Priestess)

It represents the mother, a mature but beautiful woman, wise but not saying everything she knows, with intuition, she is reserved. The Priestess, as she represents secrets being kept, represents the things you do not yet know about you, your destiny, your life, and indicates that the answer to a question at a certain time is undefined, and you must follow your intuition. 

In the three planes represents: 

● Spiritual: The potential of the spirit, seeks its perfection. 

● Emotional: knowing what to do, fear of facing things, triumph and success in facing and overcoming fears 

● Material: The possibility of achievement and success in crossing the threshold and overcoming the obstacle of fear.

Arcane III – The Empress

It represents a young woman in capacity of procreation, motherhood, affections. She is cunning, radiating peace and tranquility around her. The Empress is considered the goddess of fertility and nature, hence her dress of flowers and abundant vegetation.

The card of the Empress is the power of emotion, sensuality, harmony between mind and spirit. It is the triad of the holy trinity. It is usually a positive card, and projects success in a work situation or solving obstacles in love.

On all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: individual soul, emotion, how the spirit descends into the soul. 

● Emotional: The soul itself, way of perceiving life and death, emotions

● Material: Represents sensuality, pleasure, affectivity, kindness.

Arcane IV – The Emperor

In the card of Arcane IV we see the Emperor, a man of intermediate age who at first sight is sitting, however, if we detail better, we see that he is doing a number 4 with his posture. He appears comfortable and very calm observing the surroundings and what is happening, and it is because he represents the power that he has on an earthly plane, already conferred from above. It represents the power of time, is a wise man and has knowledge that allows you to obtain benefits at the material level.

The Emperor represents stability, solidity, fortune, material pleasures, he also refers to what is inherited by tradition or by law. This arcane has to do with what is correct, to fulfil the law which must be fulfilled even if it is not at first sight just. It determines what is good and what is bad according to the criteria of the emperor.

In the three planes it means:

  • Spiritual: Shadow of the spirit, Absence of the spirit, is a shadow of the spirit
  • Emotional: Logic, rationality, active rationality, clash of ideas, logic.
  • Material: The body itself, needs, will to live, gain position of its power on a material and earthly level.

Arcane V – The Pope (or High Priest) 

Also known as The Hierophant, Arcane V refers to a kind person, willing to help, however, if it comes out inverted it can refer to a depressive state. It represents obedience to the divine will, respect for universal laws and order.

Arcane V is not positive or negative in itself in a free card draw. It represents wisdom, seeking guidance, appreciating what you have. 

On all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: Acceptance of the divine nature

● Emotional: ethics, morals, order

● Material: Ability to see order in what looks like disorder.

Arcane VI – The Lover

In the illustration of the Lover’s arcane, three people are seen, and it is one of the few cards in the free tarot that makes this reference, it is because it reflects the lover between “two options” and a heavenly figure pointing at him (a kind of Cupid who shoots him): that is to say that the lover listens to the opinion of the environment but is led by that divine design. In the meaning of the original illustration, the individuals in the card talk to each other and the angel does not seem to be decided on whom to point his arrow.

This arcane represents the couple, the themes of love, the lovers, Cupid as the supreme being who grants the blessing of infatuation. It also represents that we can see ourselves between two options but what we choose is given by our destiny. It talks about relationships, strengthening relationships, children, wedding. 

But not only the love issue is seen in this card, but also the communication and the way in which two people interact, aspects that are connected, because in a love relationship there must be a good communication, and that the love of an individual can transcend, first to a person (the couple), then the family and later love for the common good and society. 

On all three levels it means: 

● Spiritual: Making decisions and acting on emotions. 

● Emotional : The emotions that force choice

● Material: Decisions of daily life, concretize the pleasure, indicates opportunities that present us with a scenario where we have to choose.

Arcane VII – The Cart

Triumphant individual, who boasts of what he has, earthly power, triumph. Intelligence and spirituality. He has everything in his possession to achieve what he sets out to do, what he wants, provided he uses his resources in a balanced manner. He is a person of high rank, of friends in his environment, vitality, travel, social position, success. 

On all three levels it means:

● Spiritual: Uniting opposites, action to achieve a force that is directed in the same direction and that is positive. 

● Emotional: Capacity for decision, courage, power, self-confidence. 

● Material: Represents the law of symmetry between action and energy 

Arcane VIII – Justice

It represents what its name says: justice, equity, rigour, without distinction, balance. In this card everything is possible in the long term, however it needs speed, dynamism to the image: “everything will happen when the time is right”.

On all three levels it means:

  • Spiritual: Perfection, spirit that has incarnated in the material. 
  • Emotional: Overcoming the condition of the individual, of selfishness.
  • Material: To balance two forces that are against themselves.

Arcane IX – The Hermit

The specialists in cartomancy say that it is not a coincidence that the Arcane of the Hermit corresponds to the number 9: the man in three bodies. 9 is the number which refers to the terrestrial triad, the triad of heaven, but also the triad of man. They are triads that cover the aspects of the human on an earthly level and the universe, for which reason it ends up being an extremely important card in the free tarot reading. 

It is a man who represents wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, the divine, walks on the spiritual plane, because you cannot see his feet. It shows the path of creation. 

In the three planes means:

● Spiritual: Total balance.

● Emotional: consciousness of being, wisdom, self-criticism, making constructive reflections.

● Material: Balance between ideas or other aspects that inhabit a person. Inner energy.

Arcane X – The Wheel of Fortune

On the card of Arcane X a large wheel appears at rest, showing an animal ascending on the right side, another descending on the left side and another creature in the centre, with a crown, which seems to stop the rotation resembling balance, representing those who take control of the movement. On one of the sides you can see a kind of crank that indicates that a divine being handles the destiny of people, however, the ground on which the wheel of fortune rests, which looks like a plow, indicates that each person sows what he wants to harvest, and that one can plow his own destiny. The wheel of fortune refers to transformation, eternity, that luck can change, strokes of luck, unexpected things.

Unlike Justice, this card is dynamic, and speaks of speed in the agreement of situations and points out surprises.

Meaning on all three levels:

● Spiritual: It refers to universal law, existences, incarnations. 

● Emotional: Debate between pain and pleasure, balance and disparity about things in movement.

● Material: The world as it is. Process of life and death.

Arcane XI – The Force

It represents fortune, stability, savage force but domination of brute force through intelligence. Luck. 

On all three planes it means

● Spiritual: spirit that comes down to earth to recover its balance, creative energies. 

● Emotional: self-worth, aggressiveness, will, our courage

● Material: Force that is used to maintain control of other energies of the being.

Arcane XII – The Hanged Man

It represents helping without expecting anything in return, selflessness, sacrifice, selfless work, passivity, crossing energies.

Meaning on all three planes:

● Spiritual: It represents the capacity to assume the laws as life and death are configured.

● Emotional: You can turn your acts into something sacred.

● Material: Channeling energies from other energies. 

Arcane XIII – Without a Name or The Death 

This tarot card does not have the word death written on it so as not to refer to it, but it is represented by a skeleton cutting off heads and grass. It represents transformation, non-physical death. Death of some aspect in our lives but the arrival of new things, positive changes, birth of the new after letting “die” the old.

In all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: Transmutation, constant transformation.

● Emotional: Unconscious unchangeable and open to all the possibilities created for the person.

● Material: Evolution, changes for the better, transformation.

Arcane XIV – Temperance

Balance in the present, self-control, the moderation between present and future, friendship. Metamorphosis and evolution.

Meaning in the three planes:

● Spiritual: The spirit present in the consciousness and in the process of being

● Emotional: Self-criticism, awareness, reservation of certain things.

● Material: Change, continuity after changing what you don’t need.

Arcane XV – The Devil

This card represents the passions, low instincts, achieving things by force, it has many possibilities of interpretation, but usually represents bad temptations. Also difficulties and misfortune. To discover what is hidden.

In all three planes it means:

  • Spiritual: Motivation, seeks perfection.
  • Emotional: Imitates the divine, the nonterrestrial. It is impulsive.
  • Material: Exhaustion of energies. 

Arcane XVI – The Tower

The foundations, rethinking, changing the normal course of things, reflecting to eliminate what no longer serves in our lives and remain with what is worth for the next stage in our lives. 

On all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: divine energy, forces, light.

● Emotional: potentiality, overcoming psychological obstacles.

● Material: involves the energies of the whole world, including its negative power. 

Arcane XVII – The Star

It represents youth, fertility, luck, communication, beauty, transparency, clarity of ideas, mental values, creativity. It is a positive card in the free tarot. 

In the three planes it means:

● Spiritual: priority element to be seen in reality. 

● Emotional: functions and mental processes with which one can access the truth. 

● Material: Source and flow of controllable energy.

Arcane XVIII – The Moon

It represents confusion at some point but gives lights on the way out and into the future. Change, renewal, facing problems with courage instead of fear and following the natural order of things. Bipolarity. Returning to the past instead of going to the future.

In the three planes it means:

● Spiritual: Non-intervention of the world. Non-existent world.

● Emotional: Deep fears, illusions, incoherencies, desires that are not confessed, deceptions, dark tensions.

● Material: You cannot create a synthesis of ideas.

Arcane XIX – The Sun

The card of the Arcane XIX represents the sun, it shows a couple of half-naked children who refer to purity, transparency, innocence; illuminated by the rays of the sun. It also refers to masculine principles, the power of the Sun, the king of the stars, light of truth; it brings positive things. It can also be interpreted as reconciliation in friendship. It is studied in contrast to the arcane of the Moon, because one contrasts with the meaning and reading of the other.

The card of the Sun is one of the most fortunate tarot cards, as well as the card of the World. 

It represents power, friendship, union, harmony, purity, reconciliation, both for one on a physical level and on a spiritual level.  Success, happiness.

In all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: The union between the earthly and the spiritual, integration of the universe in the same being.

● Emotional: Balance, harmony, synthesis of conciliatory energy, knowledge.

● Material: Balance between energies that complement each other.

Arcane XX – The Judgment

This card represents the Archangel Gabriel, who stands between a cloud and the sun that lights up the sky. In the letter is also the place where we will take pictures. In the card there is a coffin that is found among the people this represents the place where we will bury our sins. 

He is accompanied by a young woman, a young man and an old woman. It represents a just judgment, for everyone that will allow people to be renewed.

It represents the final judgement, truth prevails, renewal of spirit, of projects, faith, triumph, change of path, reconciliation, clarification of situations, moving forward on good foundations.

On all three levels it means:

● Spiritual: Beginning and end, the relative and the absolute. 

● Emotional: The meaning of existence 

● Material: The temporary. The control of time in the time you consult. 

Arcane XI – The World

They represent the four elements: fire, air, water, earth, or the four evangelists: St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John. 

It is represented by a female figure and is covered with a red cloth, whose meaning is action. The female figure represents The World. It is covered with a red cloth, which means action. The lion and the bull that are at the feet of one of them, already represent respectively the power and the force, for the lion and the bull, for virility.

It also represents the world in which to be crowned. The ideal is a positive initiative for society.

The world crowned with everyone at its feet. Success, triumph, luck, victory, reality, prize, fullness.

On all three levels it means the following:

● Spiritual: Full realization of being, fusion of energy, creation. 

● Emotional: The overcoming of problems.

● Material: To have all your energies at hand.

Arcane XXII – The Fool

The Arcane The Fool is one of the most challenging to understand. It represents a young man, who seems to be lost, or to be going on an adventure, walking with the support of a cane and a kind of small baggage behind him. He wears jester’s clothes and is accompanied by a wolf that tries to stop him from falling into the void, as he throws himself into the unknown. Apparently he is going aimlessly, but his stick shows his willingness to pursue something he believes in, even if he is laughed at. In his “baggage” he carries everything necessary to face this uncertain future. 

The madman is confident and not afraid to face new challenges, he explores and tries new experiences. He indicates that he should not hold back from where he is going or what he will do, he should only know how to direct his will and his impetus. 

It represents the adventurer who leaves everything to go into the unknown. As his name says, he is “the madman”, although he rather plays the fool. He already knows where he is going and where he is coming from. His interpretation depends on how the card falls on the mat. Wisdom, the supreme reason.

In all three planes it means:

● Spiritual: First instincts, transformation, movement, creation of own laws. 

● Emotional: Overcoming pleasure and pain, emotional freedom, total emotional and instinctive freedom, overcoming pleasure and pain

● Material: The exception, which does not negate the rule, does not add up, it is called.

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot consist of 56 cards that are divided into 4 suits that are the same as those derived from the Spanish deck: i.e., Coins, Cups, Clubs and Swords. Each suit contains 14 cards, ranging from 1 to 10, Knight, Queen and King. 

Each of the suits is equivalent or refers to quite particular themes. Next, we will see what the reading of each one corresponds to and on what particular aspects it is based, since it also has its connection with the cardinal points and the seasons of the year: The suit of Cups has to do with subjects related to love, friendship, relationships with your partner or with your environment, creativity, fertility, intellect. This suit also has other particular characteristics, and is that it is related to the winter season, its element is water, its location is north and refers to old age.

The coins cards have to do with money, fortune, business, luck and success in these areas, as well as luck in games of chance, in addition to inheritance, investments, among others. It is related to the summer season, is located in the south, its element is land, refers to youth.

The suit of clubs and their cards give reading of topics related to work, intelligence, labor projects, initiatives, ventures, foundations, initiatives, professional success, absolutely all the labor issue will tell you these free tarot cards. It is related to the spring season, its element is fire, it is located in the west and refers to maturity. 

The sword cards and as you probably imagine, are linked to problems, challenges, sorrows, disputes, struggles, obstacles, fights, the authorities, oppression, force, most of all with professions of authoritarian order, as the military, warriors. It is located in the East, in the autumn season and the air element.

It is important to emphasize that when you are going to throw the cards always take into account these 56 arcana, which, along with the major arcana, give an extremely accurate picture of your life.

Meaning of Tarot cards

The meaning of the tarot is the representation to the cycle of life and each card symbolizes a mystery/triumph (arcane) that guides us to solve each event.  

Each of the cards represent a state at the time of the evolution of man and a different attitude towards life in its course. 

Each card has an independent meaning, it can be positive or negative, but from them alone the whole truth cannot come out, since it also depends on the position of each one and those that accompany it on the table to give an exact answer.

The meaning can be different depending on whether in the free tarot consultation the card comes from the right or upside down. The minor arcanes also have their interpretation and must be complemented with the reading of Major Arcanes of the tarot cards.

Although you are a beginner in the tarot reading or if you are already a clairvoyant specialized in reading the tarot cards, you should already know that it is necessary to deepen the study of the symbolism of each arcane, in order to get an interpretation as wide and rich as possible and give an accurate answer to the person who decides to consult the free tarot

Meaning of Tarot cards

Everything on a card has its particular meaning, including the colors, the objects it holds. The essence of the tarot deck is the same and those cultural events,

The Major Arcana are 56 and have many elements which should not be taken lightly. As there are many factors, one must pay great attention when reading and knowing how to interpret well and extract all their symbolism.

What is certain is that their meaning is very concrete and they are usually used as a complement to a reading of Major Arcana, to broaden the meaning and to give more details than those which the Major Arcana can give.

The figures that they represent in each card are well defined, and right there, with all the symbolism, the colors, designed, is reflected part of the personality of each one. They are mirrors of personality, character, also speak of their profession, as they look, among others.

Above we explain that it represents the function of each major arcane. Now, we explain to you what each minor arcane represents:

● Kings are the authority or refer to gifts of command. They represent an active personality of leadership. They refer to old or adult men, as well as fathers, friends and men who hold a position of leadership. Generally refers to men over the age of 35.

● The Queen’s letters refer to mothers, grandmothers, lovers, bosses, fertility, women with power, creativity, women who bring wisdom, support and give advice to those who need it. It accounts for women over 35 years old.  

● Knight cards point to action, activity, progress, change, middle management, travel, all attached to a nearby place. They give account or indicators of which representatives but they must be that of confidence in a direction or near high command.

● The Jack cards have to do with children, young people. Inexperienced people like children: they are like children, relatives, friends, teenagers, employees. The jacks, also called pages, represent youth (between 0 and 20 years old), new experiences, the ability to learn, what is possible, the effort, what they can achieve.

In the minor arcana, the cards from 1 to 10 point to everyday situations, much more particular than those presented by the major arcana. Their reading and meaning are given by their number and by their stick. For example, the reading of a 10 of coins will not be equal to that of a 10 of swords.

Each series of the tarot deck is linked to the four elements, as well as the four cardinal points and a season. It is curious that each season comprises 13 weeks of the year, therefore, according to the number thrown by the card, one can even predict an event in a particular week.

Guessing the future with the best psychics

To know the path you should take in your near future, you can consult the free tarot online so you can find out the clues in the decisions to be made for your destiny. On the web there are portals that are designed by the best psychics so that the answers to the instant tarot cards online have a meaning accurate and successful.

By reading the free cards on the Internet you can find many websites, but not all have the participation of professional tarot readers or specialists in reading tarot cards. So you can ask for recommendations from people around you, family, friends or colleagues. You’d be surprised if any of them have found a true tarot without lies, reliable, to see what happens with the situations in your life that cause you distress and want to raise the wisdom of tarot.

Consult the free daily tarot in 2020: what questions to ask?

The year is beginning and most people are anxious to know what will happen this year, singles want to know if they will get a partner, those who are pursuing a dream want to know if you will do something that opens the doors to achieve what you want. In the face of these apparently unanswered questions, you can consult the free tarot to give you an idea of where to go this year, so that you can achieve your resolutions.

The tarot has helped so many people we know that sometimes the curiosity to reveal the hidden seems to us more and more. It is a technique of divination so broad that in a reading of tarot cards we can ask everything we want to know. For the tarot cards there are no prejudices or limits, everything is given by the one who consults, his/her level of concentration and willingness to receive the answers that the oracle has for him/her

Consulting the tarot is one of the things that comes to mind when we have questions that seem to have no answer. And sometimes there are questions so broad that we complicate, we do not know which way to go. Even more so because we tend to be desperate. But the free tarot will serve to give us a relief in a small online consultation, even more if we can ask everything we want to know, because, in addition to knowing about our contexts in the present, you can ask about aspects of the past that determined our present, or what happened in our past lives that we must fix now, as well as trying to get the arcane tell us what our mission in life, what we will do in our near future, what is coming and if we have the resources to deal with those situations that throw the cards. 

The most frequent questions that people ask are related to love, because love moves too many emotions, not only positive, but also negative. These feelings cause us an extra amount of worries, stress crises, depression, because it raises our emotional levels a lot.

When love generates this kind of things, not only do we get depressed, many times people get sick. Others suffer from critical illnesses, others fall into critical health situations, especially when you do not have control of your emotions.

There are many doubts that we do not know, but when we go through these situations we must think cold and not fall into hasty questions or no precise ones. 

And why not consult the tarot with topics of love to know how we are with these issues? A good free tarot reading can also give you an indication to get out of the hole of a depression and give back a meaning to your life.

The more connected and focused you are with the issues you want to clarify, the better and clearer the answers you are looking for. 

But always think that the cards are only a guide, they suggest, and what they tell you is a reflection of what you, unconsciously, already know. The tarot is a tool, use it well, for your benefit and for yours.